The variety of systems for generating smoke, as well as the different types of smoke out there, are necessary for any type of production. Sometimes, as in the previous photo is needed to generate large amounts of smoke, to fill large areas and sometimes you just need a smoke environment.


We have the right equipment for every need



We have smoke machines autonomous, very practical to move freely  in  difficult access places.

For scenes with fog, we also have a large amount of machinery even a few machines that create smoke particles in suspension, causing a denser smoke. Ideal for scenes of suspense.


Some examples of machinery and smoke


Small autonomous smoke machines, ideal for hiding in small places, even at a distance are operated by remote control


With good lighting the result is spectacular


This machine is able to generate three different types of smoke:

Low smoke, fog and dense smoke suspension


This is an example of low smoke, generated in an exhibition actuated by DMX in the Piccolo Theatre in Milan


This type of smoke or haze called cracker, its mission is to make the beams of invisible light and camera plots


Heavy smoke fog




This is another example of invisible smoke