Ausonia´s bull




It was constructed of polystyrene reinforced with fiberglass. The media turned out in all directions driven by electric motors and hydraulic pistons. He had added special effects: release of smoke from the muzzle, ejection of one of the rear covers, rocking motion in the head, spinning small pieces ... all activated by remote control.


The head housed inside a small smoke machine adapted to the small space we had.



All prepared for the shooting.



She received indications.



The mechanical bull only worked 50% of its power. Had to be careful that the actress did not lose confidence. He spent a little scared during initial tests, when he had thrown to the ground (padded, of course) more than once.



Ausonia´s bull

Draft of Ausonia spot tested our ability to craft-industrial finished in record time. These are some pictures of the manufacturing process.


Porex carving high density

Assembly of parts and laminated fiberglass

Operational testing and safety in the workshop

The bull was performed on several removable parts, in this photo we are in the set and start with the puzzle

In this image we can observe some of the effects which are prepared, drop ejection head and side cover

It was a very successful shoot, worth the effort and sleepless nights.