Pan´s Laberynth




This image was taken during filming, the table, the throne of the fictitious man pale and food were made in ARTEFACTO. The table was originally even longer, over 12 mtrs, but we had to sacrifice some sections and which was not complete on the set, is made from different materials, wood, resin and polyurethane and foam polyurethane high density.


These are the original sketches on which we work, the truth is that working with Eugenio Caballero, Pilar Revuelta and his team of art was a pleasure, rarely have such specific information to work, the margin for error is nonexistent.


Guillermo del Toro himself, he oversaw several jobs, the truth is it was very easy to understand, has very clear ideas and experience in special effects to take him down to earth.

This is a time of shooting, while rehearsing on the set

Pan´s Laberynth

Manufacturing process of the throne of the pale man

This photograph is the totem of stone, where Ofelia has to find the magical dagger. The doors had to deal with materials like gold leaf, silver leaf and metal finishes to get marked.


Totem, reproduced and environment according to the original design.